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Hello everyone! I am alive (again)!

It's nice to be back here on LJ. It really has been too long. Hope everyone who still uses LJ is doing fine (:

I decided to come back to LJ because I feel like I need to blog out my feelings here on occasions. Also, I started writing fanfics again because I always have ideas floating in my head. The problem that has always happened since my senior year of high school (I'm a 3rd year college student now) is that I find it hard to find time to write when I try to balance out school, social life, and exercise. I've been trying my best though! 

I think I shall update my journal this weekend before midterms kill me.


Beyond the Sunrise Ch. 11

Title: Beyond the Sunrise
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: PG/PG-13
Groups: SNSD, Kara, Big Bang
Pairing(s): SooSun(main pairing eventually), YulSic(slight), SooRa(Sooyoung x Hara)
Summary: Sunny thought moving to Seoul and transferring to an all-girl school was going to be exciting. She never thought she'd be caught in a tangled web of confusion, love, and violence.


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As of now, 4minute is...

my 2nd favorite K-Pop girl group! Sorry Kara you have been bumped down to third D:

I've been on a 4minute high lately~ I seriously can't stop listening to all their songs @___@ Especially their comeback tracks Heart to Heart and Mirror, Mirror. (GAYOON I WUV YOU AND YOUR VOICE)

Can't believe I'm saying this, but if chose my biases based on music alone and not the personalities of the members, 4minute would totally be my bias .___. Sorry SNSD... but sometimes your songs do suck D: *shakes fist at SME*

On a few side notes, I decided to take a real good listen to MBLAQ's BLAQ Style album and I must say.... I really like all the songs (except maybe Rolling U lol). Usually I'd just listen to the album but I'm not paying attention to how things sound. I like the album so much... I'm tempted to actually buy it. Waaaaahh but I'm poor T____T but I really want it @_____@ *indecisive*

And I'm absolutely loving After School's first full length album Virgin! :3 It's about time they have a full album and I'm very impressed with the contents :3 Unlike f(x)'s first album.... bleh -_- I still don't like Danger. Maybe it'll grow on me like NU ABO but idk... It's such a weak song compared to their past title tracks. I only like 2 or 3 songs off of f(x)'s album ._.

Going back to After School's album, I'm really happy that Jungah has a solo song. Ever since Raina came in, Jungah barely gets any good lines that show her talent despite the fact she's the lead vocalist D:

Okay I'm done rambling xD HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EVERYONE~

I've been busy to keep on doing this daily xD

Their debut song started my whole SNSD obsession. It will forever be my favorite SNSD. Into The New World may not be catchy like Gee or their concept isn't as sexy as Run Devil Run, but I love how powerful the lyrics and their voices are and I adore their "ordinary girl" concept. It shows that these nine girls were plain, normal girls with dreams in the beginning.

Now look where SNSD is. They're amazing.

I LOVE TOO MANY SONGS FROM SHINEE ;____; I'll just pick two xD; But honestly there are so many SHINee songs that I like... It's hard to choose D:

"Noona, You're So Pretty(Replay" is their debut song. The same song that got me into them :3 I picked the dance MV because I know the dance and I think it's better than the actual MV XD

I'm a sucker for sad, depressing love songs with amazing lyrics and powerful vocals so that's why I choose Quasimodo as well. It's my favorite ballad from them and personally I think it's their best ballad so far. It's a song from their 2nd album Lucifer.

Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias

CHOI SOOYOUNG OF SNSD ♥ Man I love this girl XD She's so awesome in so many ways *-* For instance... she loves to eat LOL That's pretty awesome in my book. The picture I chose for this post is appropriate, yes? XD Anyway, Sooyoung is the tallest member of SNSD. She's an okay singer but one of the main dancers of the group. Honestly, and I'm seriously not being biased, I think she has the best personality in SNSD. She's really friendly, fun to be around, loud(in a good way), understanding, humble, and honest. From reading the SNSD interviews in my SNSD Phuket Photobook, the other members really trust Sooyoung and go to her for advice often.

Sooyoung and I share quite a few random traits. We were both born in February (I was born on the 5th, she was on the 10th), we share the same religion (Christianity), and like Sooyoung, my friends usually come to me for advice when they have problems. The one trait I wish I could share with Sooyoung is how she's such a good speaker. She knows what to say on interviews, in front of cameras, without stuttering and being nervous. I could go on about Sooyoung but it's late where I am and I need sleep ahaha. Basically, I love Choi Sooyoung, and she'll forever remain my girl bias (:

Random Facts:

-According to Yuri, Sooyoung apparantly sucks at swimming despite her name (sooyoung = swimming).

-At the SM Town Concert '10, I made a sign that said "Choi Sooyoung, I Love You!!!" in Korean with 3 pink hearts. Nothing fancy. During the final song when all the SM artists go on stage, Sooyoung saw my sign, waved at me, made a heart with her arms, and pointed at me! She waved to me again once the song ended. I fangirled so hard and that moment made me love Sooyoung even more (x She loves me too! XD

Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

Oh Wonbin, the former rapper/guitarist of F.T. Island now gone solo. I wouldn't say he's my ultimate guy bias because it tends to change a lot. Wonbin is just basically my current guy obsession XD Which is weird considering I don't really know much about him besides basic information.

F.T. Island was one of the first K-Pop artists I listened to and when I first saw the group, my eyes were attracted to Wonbin and got really into F.T. Island. That was in 2008. Sadly, that same year Wonbin announched that he was going to depart from the group because he didn't like the music style F.T. Island was heading towards. I didn't know the group that well since I just started getting into them, but I was very sad to hear my bias leave.

Wonbin received harsh comments about his departure from the group, some saying he was being arrogant and that leaving F.T. Island will be something he will regret later in his life. Though he had fans, not many people approved of his decision. But the rest of the F.T. Island supported Wonbin, and although they really didn't want him to leave, they respected his decision. After Wonbin left, he wasn't heard again until 2010 when he made a Korean comeback with "I Love You And I Love You" featuring Brown Eyed Girls' rapper, Miryo. When I saw his comeback, I was actually blown away. Because I initially thought of him as a rapper, I was surprised to hear his vocals. He's become a pretty good singer! Whatever he was doing those 2 years, it paid off.

Lol, after typing all of this, I think I realize why he's currently my guy bias. Despite the criticisms and harships he's faced when he left F.T. Island, he continued to work hard on his singing and to prove to people he could stand on his own. I can't help but admire him for that. After he came back last year in Korea, he's held small concerts in Taiwan soon after and currently he's in Japan promoting himself. He's definitely working hard to achieve his dream.

As Wonbin's fan, I'm supporting him in whatever he's doing or is going to do in the future. I did buy his first mini-album after all (:

Honestly... Boys suck sometimes.

I hope my friend is okay...

She hasn't answered my calls or texts :/


Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

SNSD is not just my favorite K-Pop girl group, they're my favorite K-Pop group overall. They are my ultimate bias in the K-Pop world. The reason I love them so much is not really because of their music, but because of of the girls themselves. I've fallen for each member's personality as I watch all their variety shows subbed (thanks Soshified!). Unlike here in America, I can't but admire how down to earth these girls are, how REAL they are. I suck at describing how I feel about them, but believe me I truly love them. As I watch them on shows, I feel like I have this strange connection with them. Whenever I see the girls together, playing around and being dorks, it reminds me of how I am with my friends so I can almost always relate to SNSD when it comes to friendship. Also, when I accidentally met Tiffany when I went to LA for SM Town '10, though my conversation was very brief with her, I could totally feel that if I spent a day with Tiffany, I can totally be best friends with her. I feel that way with all the members. The girls were raised to be humble and they were taught to appreciate and be thankful constantly for what they have. They've made me a better person in certain areas of myself and I'm thankful to them for that.

There's one more reason why I love SNSD so much: The SoShi Bond.

I became a SONE in 2008, and since then I've noticed how close the girls are with each other. 9 completely different girls, united as 1. I can't describe the SoShi Bond. It's something you have to see to understand by watching their MTV shows, all 9 on variety shows, on radio shows. I can never understand why some people hate SNSD so much, or any group for that matter, when they don't even know the members. I'll understand if they hate their music, but to hate the people when you don't personally know them... SMH. But back to the SoShi Bond... I've watched a lot of girl groups on variety shows but the bond between these 9 girls is different from the rest. Watch them and truly learn who exactly SNSD are. You won't regret it.

Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

SHINee is definitely my favorite K-Pop guy group. When I first got into K-Pop, it was just a bit after SHINee debuted with "Noona, You're So Pretty (Replay)" back in 2008 and I've been following them ever since. I don't consider myself a Shawol yet, but when I see them perform their music live and see them on variety shows, I can't help but love all 5 of them. It's been wonderful watching these boys grow with each comeback. The only thing I fear is that boy bands under SME seem to break off due to having issues with the company (ex. DBSK, Super Junior, Shinhwa[I think....]), and I really don't want that to happen with SHINee. They all have so much talent that's still developing and I don't want to see the group to become less than 5 members anytime soon.